"Oracle" is a solitaire game that presents the player with a philosophical sentence using a series of random draws. Starting from the central cell the stepping directions are drawn using four rotating cylinders in the corners of the object, each cylinder containing arrows of all the four directions. Each random series of steps leads to a short text by Weöres.

A hengerek mindegyikén megtalálható az összes irányba mutató nyíl.

2008 stoneware, glaze.

Méret: 70x70x8cm

The texts are the following:

  1. Dust is rushing. Stone has patience.
  2. Singing turns you into a bird.
  3. Lie is never alone.
  4. Blessed is the first nakedness.
  5. By the second time the first is lost.
  6. God on you: eternal tear. God in you: eternal smile.
  7. Objects are the bruises of reality.
  8. "Come fly with me" says the wasp to the flower. "Come cling to the branch with me" says the flower to the wasp.
  9. If you go to hell, go as deep as you can: as things go round, that will be heaven again.
  10. Your life is the riverbed of your deeds.
  11. Being together continues in the past.
  12. Past is the form of the present. Future is the fragrance of the present.